Hannah Wallace

Summer Pool Prep

Pool season is upon us! Well, of course, here in southwest Florida, it’s pretty much pool season all year-round. And with the pandemic keeping most of us at home, including the kids, chances are your pool is already getting a lot of use. So maybe for the summer it’s time to freshen up your pool, …

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New Years Resolution for Keeping your pool clean and functioning properly

Pool Resolutions

Hard to believe, but 2020 is almost upon us. As you get ready to ring in the new year, don’t forget your pool in your resolutions. That’s the time when you take stock of things, assess what’s working and what needs improvement, and lay out your plans for the future. We understand that pool planning …

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Poolside Holidays

We know the traditional picture of the holiday season involves snow and fireplaces and layers upon layers of winter clothing. But if you’re spending the season in southwest Florida, there’s no reason to pretend it’s 50 below outside. First, have Bahama Blue technicians clean and balance your pool so it’s just right for entertaining. Then, …

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Cool Chemistry

New to pools? Maintaining a safe, comfortable and algae-free pool can seem like a big job, especially in Florida, where rain and sunshine both threaten to throw your pool’s chemical balance off-kilter. That’s what we’re here for. Using experienced professionals who know the science by heart, Bahama Blue regular pool maintenance takes the tricky laboratory …

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Sun Safety

Tis the season: If you’re going to be outside, you’re going to want to be cooling off in your pool. But that refreshing dip can be deceptive when it comes to skincare: Even though you feel relief from the sun’s rays, your skin is still getting hammered with maximum UV exposure. Fortunately, there are plenty …

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