Water Safety 101 by Bahama Blue Pools of Lakewood Ranch, Florida

Water Safety 101

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Your home pool experience should be a stress-free zone ranging from super-relaxing to super-fun. This means trusting experts to handle pool maintenance so you don’t have to worry about upkeep. But even more importantly, a great pool experience starts with water safety.   Everyone should acknowledge …

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Warm Waters Ahead

Warm Waters Ahead

It’s that time of year again when we here in Florida experience the occasional cold snap that makes us break out our sweaters and occasionally eschew our flip-flops.   But chilly temps are no reason to stop living your best pool life. When the mercury dips below 70 (brrr), the right pool heater can keep …

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Cool and fun pool accessories we think are terrific. Bahama Blue Pools of Lakewood Ranch, Florida, your pool cleaning specialists

Fantastic Pool Accessories

Having a pool is supposed to be fun. No one has a pool to “build character” or “develop a better sense of responsibility.” (OK, pools can be good for healthy exercise, too, but that’s more of a by-product of all the fun.) So when you find yourself worrying about pool upkeep, maintenance, and repair, that’s …

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Multi-Speed Pool Pumps or Variable Speed Pool Pump Information

Multispeed Pumps Save You Money

We get it: Multispeed (or variable-speed) pumps are more expensive than sing-speed pumps, and nobody wants to spend more money on one purchase when there’s a cheaper alternative that seems to do the job just fine. Right? It sounds like we’re trying to upsell you unnecessarily.   Here’s the thing, though: The money you invest …

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Lakewood Ranch Pool Maintenance Services by Bahama Blue Pools and Rick Brain

A Poolside Holiday

Pools are for relaxing. Let someone else work on the maintenance.   You probably already know this, but just a reminder: Your home is the envy of all of your out-of-town friends and relatives. You live in idyllic Southwest Florida, amid beautiful tropical scenery, just minutes from the beach and incredible cultural, culinary, and lifestyle …

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Why Hire a Pool Company?

By: Mark Middleton Having a pool is a luxury that must be maintained. If you do not take care of your pool, you could be signing yourself up for even more work. Granted, handling pool maintenance on your own is not too hefty a task, but most people outsource this work to professionals. A pool …

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4 Reasons Why You Need Solar Pool Panels

By: Louis Wick There are many reasons why people with pools should use solar pool panels. As everyone with a pool knows, it can be quite expensive to keep a warm and clean pool. Heating a pool can cost hundreds of dollars per month or more in many cooler areas. One of the best ways to …

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