Attention Realtors!

…and lenders, and HOAs, and rental property owners! Bahama Blue is here for all of your pool-maintenance and pool-cleaning needs. Here’s why our services are so important for people who are responsible for pools that they themselves don’t use. Swimming pools are both a luxury and a common sight here in southwest Florida. They’re a …

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Pool Priorities: 2021

Happy New Year! We made it! We have a hunch that you enjoyed a lot of pool time in 2020. And whatever the new year brings, we hope you’re looking forward to even more time in and around the water in 2021. That being said, we want to make sure you’re all set up for …

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Holidays Poolside

We understand the holidays may not be quite the same this year. Maybe you’re staying home when you usually travel, or maybe you’re not having visitors when you’d normally be the host. However your holidays look in 2020, we encourage you to find joy where you can. And fortunately, thanks to our balmy weather down …

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Weather or Not

It’s mid-October here in Sarasota-Bradenton, and we’ve just about hit the point where the southwest Florida summer weather gives way to Florida fall. But what does the change in seasons mean for your pool? You may have gotten into a pool-maintenance habit for the last few months, but the shift in temperature, rain and humidity …

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So Your Pool Needs Resurfacing

Permanent, growing stains. Missing tiles. Rough concrete. A possible leak. Even if it’s readily apparent that your pool needs to be resurfaced, it can be hard to pull the trigger. Unlike regular maintenance and chemical balancing, pool resurfacing is a big, time-consuming task that requires the pool to be drained before work can get started. …

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Signs Your Pool Needs Servicing

It’s been a long summer already, and we hope you’re getting the most out of your pool in 2020. If you’re swimming in your pool–or even just seeing it–on a near-daily basis, you probably have a good sense by now of how it looks, smells and feels when it’s “normal.” So if you notice something …

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How to Keep Your Pool Pristine

Try as you might, you can’t keep every ounce of dirt and debris out of your pool. Your Bahama Blue service experts are always here when you need us, but we understand that sometimes you need to do a little bit of pool-cleaning in between visits. Fortunately, there are a ton of products on the …

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Wet Workouts

Summertime in southwest Florida can put a real damper on your outdoor workouts. But not to worry: Pool time to the rescue! Swimming is excellent exercise all year round (as we’ve discussed before). But even if you’re not big on swimming laps and practicing your strokes, your pool contains all sorts of incredible workout potential. …

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Summer Pool Prep

Pool season is upon us! Well, of course, here in southwest Florida, it’s pretty much pool season all year-round. And with the pandemic keeping most of us at home, including the kids, chances are your pool is already getting a lot of use. So maybe for the summer it’s time to freshen up your pool, …

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To Our Bahama Blue Family

We hope you’re keeping safe, healthy and as comfortable as possible as we all grapple with the COVID-19 situation. And we don’t want to sound frivolous in the face of a crisis, but we hope that if you have a pool, that it’s helping you manage the stress and uncertainty that comes with spending so …

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The Problems with Pollen

It’s spring in southwest Florida. The bees are buzzing. The birds are chirping. And the oak trees are filling the air with fine yellow dust. Welcome to Pollen Season. You have to be mindful of dirt and debris in your pool year-round, but pollen is especially tough. It always finds a way in, and you …

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You Won’t Regret a Pool Heater

Yes, this is southwest Florida. We’re not at risk of sub-zero temperatures or even an icy breeze most of the year. But you may have noticed recently that we do experience winter—albeit a mild one—and even Florida winter can make your pool temp less-than-ideal. And pools are supposed to be comfortable and relaxing, not challenging. …

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